Saturday, October 6, 2018

New life.

I learned that there is no right way or wrong way to live life. We all got bagage to drag along, we love, we hurt, we have own agony, when you are alone or walk alone you find who you really are. prison says isolation are the worst. punishment, but when we are alone, that's when we find our self. and not everyone can handle that...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The way we are.

As i sit down and think about my life i c the world has not changed in any way. We only care about money social standard and things we can not control, all try to make the day's end by clarifying them by making em self better than others, we are all searching to find they way we all want, no one is looking to listen, hear what is others pain, gain or even success is. as i look into myself and try to discover what i am and put all the links together, i can only c one way to live, is to think about myself and nobody else.

Friday, April 22, 2016


          Day after Day

Still going strong, as most humans, we crave, have urges in some way or another. But in a complete social trap if we can call it that you can control everything, set up various sounds so it emulate the tone or idea you have, hard to explain but that way you think you never have a thought by you self.

Will end up making you complete numb in the end, catatonic if you can go that far. Making you mistakes look a hell lot worse than they seem, or success much larger.

Example If someone way to say donkey and you look up, say the word again and then you know that was a trigger. Save that word and you can say it again and again. Think im gonna buy some good head silencer, so I can get some good rest and relaxation, guess music bands have em on might be for more than one reason.

Maybe writing everything down each day if a good way of keeping the mind strong and having a place to go back and read what happened, as a buffer, a kinda diary if you can call it that. Might be a good idea to find a hobby of some kind, just got no clue what that should be ATM.

Looking trough the news and social updates, looks like the world is still going around, clocks is ticking like it always had, and most forget what happened last night or for that matter last hour, going faster and faster, what was in trendy last night is a cliche today.

A clever man one said to me, have an argument for what you are thinking or saying or you might as well shut up, there will always been a new day, but might not be the same moment, so so live in the now, instead of surviving just for the next day.

Most will say why don't you live by you own rules, think about that for a moment. If we all just did what the mind says without any hesitations, no second thought that would be chaos unlimited.

Question now Is when nothing is random how can you be impulsive ?. Every step, idea, food, well everything is planned, making you own little matrix where you can get a little crazy if you don't have a few way points to keep you mind @ bay.

Seems like going along for the ride is the best thing ATM, just idling for the circus one big reality show or something, feels like living in a movie that has been going on for way to long, again narrowing it down as much as you can, worlds 1 ´ 5 ´ 6´ and so on, the more you can simplify it down the more you can control a human, like if you want a banana say it's a bad fruit and so on, as i say complete idiotic way of controlling a situation, guess it works on some.

And yea I know ;)