Monday, April 6, 2015

Reality world

Here we are in a world of reality shows, why look up to (idiots), that never read a book, got no concept of what problems are going on in the world, we celebrate today’s circus (realityshows), like they are kings and queens, give them air time and worst of all our youth is poisoned by it, no one reads anymore just a endless ongoing pursuit of getting most tweets, likes, there is an old saying that those that control the media controls the world, and right now a page about kardashians getting a new store, gets 100000 x more reads than stories that really matters, world health, war, Iran’s atom projects, politics, if you can’t see that this is wrong then I really fear for the new generation. All are using ipads, smartphones, and just read what’s (UP), right now and what got the most likes, that in other words is called manipulation, there are laws being made every day that imposes your freedom, and one day you will think back and say why did I not stand up, why did I not engage in this world.

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