Monday, April 27, 2015

Fun with wordpress.

Hey interwebz been setting up word-press, and its really fun to use and ain't that hard, you get a lot of options, plug ins, and there are great help to get online. i recommend you get your own host as domain for the project, cause then you can set email host and a lot more than a free host. It is really a easy blog template to use, but yet very powerful.

You will use a lot of time on it, cause you learn new skillz all the time, cause there are so many tools, plug ins free to use. Rss auto feeds, Twitter auto posting, SEO tools, your imagination is really the only restriction here, i never used so much time on Html building was more into finding exploits in it, but this is easy to use even though you ain't got the great website making skillz.

Here are a few links i used.  offcause. Easy to make your own themes, free but pro costs. <------- My site still lots to do but we are getting there.

But as my normal saying (step by step) <----------

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