Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bilderberg Group

First of I would say there is a lot of information out there, about the topic on normal web but also on darkweb, a lot of it you can simply ignore cause it's not documented,
and be careful cause it's kinda like the illuminati, some weird tinfoil ideas that can't be documented, I don't relay on thought's kinda need hard proof.

Now a lot would argue or say that I am blind or well maybe even stupid. You can always find a media and manipulate it into what your idea, or agenda I re-editing  100000 of video's to know that.

But I don't like that we know nothing about what journalist, high powered politicians, royals, really really rich individuals are talking about.

Few links.

Maybe it's just a chatty place for I don't know elites.

Read and make up your own mind.

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