Monday, June 8, 2015


Just got my self an apartment today nice and simple ;) . looking forward to get in swimming every day since it is my favorite element. Not sure what to do then guess ill just go where ever the wind takes me. and yea learned a lot but hey im also a really fast leaner, in general shits messed up but been like that for ages, the learning system is really set up so no one asks what is really right, religion keeps up caged in lies, we got a left wing/man right wing woman pissing on each others like it was a school fight, and in the center, well there is really no center anymore, im a simple man of course i got urges but i keep em in the limits of what is moral right, but yes i speak my mind and i always did got me kicked out of class many times. I just cant get why no one understand the main picture ? we are all so small in this universe but still we urge to be something we really are not. but hey as a say im a simple man might even be a idiot who really knows, im pretty sure no one does, but live your lives and don't hurt others, unless the hit you, then well game on.

Yes i do feel all emotions but i just feel em 2 much.

c y out there someday.....

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