Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Another day

So here we are today, sun is shining and we got a little smarter, think i'm going on a bike ride later today, and some bodybuilding. Hope there are some pretty purple colours and flowers out there ;) . and no im really not gay never been never will be. don't get why a lot of guys both want both tittyes and d**k, but i must say i really don't care, if you urge is ladyboys then go ahead, you not strange in my eyes, but i will say i don't understand it. If you want silicon tits hey go a on but don't come after and say you regret it.

If we really are all animals then well i think we should be monkeys, and i can be the silverback gorilla o_0, as i say i really dont care what you do or dont just dont hurt others in the progress, and stop that elite crap. We all made mistakes but some can be forgiven others should NOT.

Ive been to lesbian and gay clubs, well even hit on a guy ones for fun, really nice places. But i went there for the cheap beer, but found out that there was a lot of love there.

And i would strongly say im NOT a racist never been, never will be i only look @ eyes not colour.

Let's have a fantasticccc day and "pray" for those that are in need of it.

And yes i understand The scene  ******

And Torrent was ******

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