Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eye of the storm.

So i guess it's one big mess, religion, sickness, politics, lower class, middle class, upper class, peace violence, serenity, chaos, war. and so on. But all in all it's about the money, those that got and those in seek of it, fame and no fame, really not hard to understand why there is no middle class anymore.

in this search for perfection we lose yourself completely, so this masquerade is set up to get the best out of all, kinda like the biggest inventions are did happen during war times, when most were not in the safe element.

I understand in order to get world peace we need to crack a few eggs, get a little chaos in our lives ain't a bad idea for those that can walk the line, i just don't get why there could not be some kind of order in it, no all running around like headless chickens.

In this search for the ultimate ride we lost what really matters, some of us isolated os from the world, cause we could c that it all where going to "hel". Got laughed @ for our opinions, ideas, standpoint, and now you want us to fly.

Making the daily life a living hel for me and taking away my well how do we put it, everything testing my sanity, could be fun for those watching, super reality show indeed, a human can be manipulated but everything even those that IS should c themselves as "normal".

Why are we trying to ruin the last bit of souls we got left ?.

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