Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hey world a little note, don't live you live in the shadows of anyone. You might think where you are now are cool, but try something else, will impress the shit you of you ;). and upgrade you computers plz! there are a reason the internet is overthrown with stolen photos of you naked. and if you really really don't want you azz showing online. . . . Well don't take a photo of it ?

We are males or indeed females ;) . we got urges that cant be or really should not be stopped, but as good old johnny cash says it's really about walking that thin line of insanity, might be small or even a big line but hey balance the fck of it.

As told years ago manipulation is a powerful drug, comes in colors, sounds, words well almost anything, don't let others tell you that it cant be done, yes if its in your mind build, well do it might even make you some money ;).

*BE you and things will be alright, i never really had a path but can't that be a good thing, i know right from wrong, and something is really really really wrong in the world as we are going on persuading me instead of us.




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