Monday, June 15, 2015

Son of sam

So the knocking, the fun games ?, manipulation is all about having control and you really don't have that, as i say the road taken is really not the road you wanna go. sanity is a state of mind, just like being a human on the track is.

Why ruin the uncut diamond ?

All really got an idea of what life is all about but are you right ? . Really no the drifter was right taking the jobs as he went along, i know i'm in prison all want me to break out of it, but are you sure you're not the one locked up ?

The endless race for happiness, wanting to belong, when do the road end, really never cause you dont have the answer for happiness.

I know what the game is but are you ready to play fair well i'm in, but instead of trying to make me into something i'm really not, try walking a road no one ever been.

And just keep taking away form me in the end you will still have me, just you fckers that are lost in the race for the sublime and you know what that ain't never gonna happen.

Well mr n3o we just want what you asked for well ? do you know my plan, do you know my pleasures yes the fcking make it happen instead of running around like, you don't have a clue, and we what you 2 be 100% well YOU WOULD NOT LIKE THAT.

And i'm not mad, just hate the ignorance.

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