Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Day.

So a little more clever about the world, that ain't bad. Got a little mad today but took a walk out in the sun was great, humans react on the most weird stuff. Guess the universe got a plan for us all ;) .

Going to get a new cell one of these days I think just need to get the real one, but i got a pretty good idea what not to buy.

Anger is a funny thing we all get it, though suppressed it can be a dangerous cocktail, think I need that punching bag.

As I go along wandering I think I missed a lot of what the world is really like, but I really think a lot also is surprised by the lvl of control we really got now a day, hope we all get what we are aiming for.

love is really the universal key to happiness, love in all forms, can really be just sitting looking @ nothing or just having a blast with you friends. But yea my temper got me today, but live and learn.

great day to you all.

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