Sunday, January 17, 2016

Truth nothing else.

              Truth nothing else.

Funny how the nurses where shaking and one doctor running, when I left the asylum for the last time, all the staff was. Well might be just another twilight moment. Though a lot laughed when I did not fall for the scam.

Did not really say anything much be something that held me back, the lights where all in all weird, cant really explain em, falling sky's is in a lot of old text and Nostradamus did say a lot of birds would come in the judgment days,

That did happen, and like said before when the extremes become so extreme that its almost bizarre that will be an end to society as we know it, like in the roman days. Though a African lady I think her name was Rose, did tell me that I should not drink the water, Thx to her, I I know the juice is a water mix, though a nice lady did say I did not belong on that floor.

And also a scared soldier , support the troops had a strange look in his eyes looked somehow delusional, and again always trying to keep my focus off what really was going on, all the time letting me think that I was dreaming or something like that, know right now still trying to make me think IM crazy that my ears are screaming all the time might get that checked.

Pretty sure big setup, but all I know I was trying to help, but got ridiculed for it, guess trying to help is a sign of weakness or im pretty sure that was not the idea that others should get, I know a lot of what ive seen cant be told, im pretty sure that will make a big mess of it all, though im not one to meddle in others affairs.

Im petty sure that it was a shared effort in order to make me seem guilty but already fast a lot say I payed my dues, and remember the offical red nose day when Bill Gates where acting like a clown, telling me to join the general community and a lot of actors saying we should fix our own homes, saw a lot using this power to shame or even worse.

I can recall good that every one was looking at my fingers a lot like almost hypnotized by them, though I know the hand signs now, im still getting the urge to figure out what the motive was, but pretty sure it was money, corrupts the weak, everyone got a price…..

All the time making sure I got the idea that I was guilty of the hardest of crimes, I know there are micro phones planted everywhere, and a nice woman on the Internet said I should get a camera of record everything, though could not c the point as I though I was among like kindred minds, but pretty sure that was not the case. Pumped up on drugs and other stuff im pretty sure of, laying in the hospital all ready to make the final breath, but thought NO this ain't right, and an old man next door said Odin keep on going…

So now the only threat im getting is we got video of you jurking off on camera, but since like 70% off the Internet if porn im pretty sure that will not be a bestseller, illegal recordings an more im pretty sure off while drugged up on well I don't know.

But think most could get a better idea off the technology today watching CSI, hey what im I to say I know a lot are scared off what I would do. Like Eminem said, his gift is a curse, pretty sure what I was Suppose to do, as a saw a straight cut boy walking to entrance 3.

All the time looking at me like they had no idea what I was talking about, still talking in tounges to make me sure that im in grave danger and my action will make a fall of nations. Though cant stop thinking about the mess, im glad im not the one ending up in the grinder, sure my ip was checked so nothing to find there, sure a lot needs to testify or ask forgiveness to whom or what I don't know, all I know where im @ now, it's going better, also remember a lady saying to me well you don't need my help you already got 2 black eyes.

But as media and all is involved im sure this is gone high as it could, even higher than I would like to think off know staying away is the best option right now, both for me and others. think I digged to deep in my search for a answer for the madness I was going tough, trying to get am idea of what the hell that was going on, TV acting weird as never before know I got a lot of signs, telling me to go this way or another. Fake news papers time-lapse lost, I know im the last one, got the signs all the rest all gone Blue.

All this to make sure that I was losing my mind in order to im pretty sure hide what I know, again don't wanna get into specifics, could just lay silent and take it like most think I did, all the time analyzing.

All the time playing the illusion that your a dog/horse that needs to run dragging the cargo along as you go, quite a metaphor. Though all started to get superfast in learning just how to make you more misinformed in what happens around you, still saw that most got more and more (crazy) meanwhile trying to pass as much information so you have no chance in keeping along as you where drugged up. Talking fast in always one behind, and one in front. Drowning you in paperwork and bills, Classic rutine used also by spin doctors. Also repeating the same again and again, same tone and volume so pretty sure soundboard or similar.

Also when i started i had root access to my webhost pretty strange. Think i figured out the 3-4 year plan for a lot of thing, including Denmark since i had access to a lot of i think classifyed information. Also keeping the idea that you hunted will make you think to fast to complete something, i think all in the idea to slow you down, so "they" can keep up.

though one hunts me a little a young woman trying to pass a message along, saying stuff i only hope was untrue, messed up indeed seemed ike se poisoned her boy freind hard stuff.

Though if you know ones patterns routines it wont take much effort in controlling every aspect of there life in small details got a huge load of emails i should get trough, been in a what should we call small coma, from all the pills and other stuff i think.

Know that every thing i own was hacked, into small pieces, pretty sure wire tapped also, so ain't that hard to figure out the end concept of it all. using VPN as a proxy.

                                More to come as I go along. If im still here.

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