Sunday, January 17, 2016

Been a while.

Been a while.

Same voices as the apartment must be a set-up of some kind ? ;).... guess Europe or similar. thought they moved out having a baby ???? ain't psykose since I don't hear it with earplugs in.

could look for microphones but seems like a waste of time. guess there was a reason that doctor would not check my ears ;) Though satellites where hacked maybe some kind of radio link ? ? ? but since there are all working together don't think there is a reason to be a rebel any more. cats kinda out of the box

How about that world wide Facebook. should be covering all of the world by now but there was some problems with the EU was there not balloons in Africa if i remember correct.

still cant get the woman and man out think there name was jane and john ;) could call em DOE for the last name...

Now they are stalling time trying to get me to crash and burn, I think, but pretty oki where i am now, maby there plans for a new Denmark is good OTW, remember when i was 30 a big aeroplane was going here, and now there islands are bought by rich. Seems like to much of a random thing to fall in order. Could have something to do with All state operated stuff going to Aarhus... think i also gave em a lot of ideas.

And still got all my notes, though now it seems like my papers is not moving around all the time ;). guess its dumb luck to say the ghost where teasing me. Think i stumbled on something i should not have looked at but hey can remove it. on hard medication ATM.

 sleeping good though and that's the most important thing ain't it, trying to do just something cause doing nothing will finally make you nuts as hell. Thing the plan is to make me stare @ a wall waiting to get electroshocked

saying it's a 3 thing is not correct its rather a 8 or 9 thing. using same words in random order  simple psychology also a quite efficient way i must say to make one think everything you eat, say, think is a sin or even worse.

Move out of normal sanatorium now just trying to get along with the voices in my head ; ) ) ). could call em my little friends, though there are pretty rude at times, guess i got my triangle now..

Think to much, should maybe act more like im doing right now, we still got freedom of speech in Denmark I think, should practice my rights by using it.

Though i know i did not do anything illegal, remember a high standing citizen told me i payed off my debt, for what i really don't know, collective progress maybe.
You could try and reach me but i think my stuff got hacked pretty much i was sanding in my home town with a hacked PC and a Unbuntu server as my only option to connect and a rooted android phone though using a VPN and secret billing system could be a reason for that should take a backup on that before I root it my self.

A common way of stalling is also to set up false expiations, like you just have to run 1 mile and your done, that way your never really hit the finish line, Don't know how many is involved in think but im pretty sure it happen to others before me, like you are only allowed to know what you need to know,

Also saying you only have this or that option to move on, when in fact it's planned all along, just going on he boat for the ride seems to be the best idea, guess the hacker wars are in full motion ATM, maby i unintentionally gave some advise to the new generation, but teaching ain't a crime, acting out.on those learnings might be,

Remember watching a young girl sitting on a park bench writing something, could be homework, she seemed so peaceful kinda had a wish that could be me, not always having 4-5 thoughts in my head,

Also remember i was given the impression that i was in jail for 1½ year, though that was pretty hard pulled back, for reasons that I cant disclose by now, though was offered help by presidents, and other high standing persons, think i was just moving to fast to ask. Though a lot are shaking when i give em my hand, so guess my reputation is quite bad, but hey a little Photoshop and some video edited then you could make  everyone out to be what ever you would like.

Now just waiting for the new year to get here, leaving the family since i don't want to drag any more into this that i need to, think that was why i was doing it alone, though it would seems like, getting new friends would be a good idea, now "working so much", did almost die a lot of times though it was the last breath at least 3-4 of em.

As I'M typing this, pretty sure a few or a lot are watching cause i get the impression this should not get out, but as I said more doing less thinking, Really started when i got kicked out of my home, move back, all was overdone like smells, tastes, emotions, and so on like i was going into hyper "something". keystrokes was a like a hammer on an anvil, kinda like a robot, think Eminem said it best don't know how they are doing it click klak.

But most of the stuff that was going on or when on, i think i pretty much gave the ideas my self, but just because you give some ideas don't meen you should do it, if i told you to jump in the fire, most would think well ill pass. Yea things are pretty nuts ATM, but as told there will always be hackers and always be unfairness in the world, can' really help there,

Caught in the middle it would seem to be quite accurate presumption, though i did nothing else that trying to get knowledge, what others did i really cant be held responsible for, i was given drugs im pretty sure to make me lets say dumb, or noise to make me think twice or more times before acting on anything.

All are talking about the EYE of Horus i think, could study up on some Egyptian scrolls and literature, had a dream where a woman said that they have been doing this for ages might be some truth to that, remember doing some crazy insane maths and drawings and the television was waked, stadiums where sports where played where empty and the hosts where talking, gibberish.

And my little laptop had some weird maps on it and my brother saying that when im gone there will be no more of us, Holmwood i think i studied, maybe I as some kind of half prince don't know, Maby some kind of truth in the song they play with our world like it was there little toy, a lot always said i looked like Gary from some kind of boy band. Again could go into details but seems like no reason to.

Now all are using out of date smart phones, think apple 4 if im guessing correct, so guess there is huge risk in talking part in this, did not ask for it just remember helping for the most part, where others where trying to gain most for the self.

Really stuff went wrong when i talked about the Bilderberg meetings, I'M pretty sure i saw one on my old TV, though those where only for special ones, and can not be shared by any circumstance. Maybe only send to special Common interface cards, "also a idea i gave I'M pretty sure". Also 600 billion where given out ;) and hope you like windows 10 you made it ;).

There is such a thing as the freedom of information act I'M pretty sure, but let's wait and c the world seems pretty happy about now, though not the impression I think I should be getting, like the world is in halt or even worse.

But again see why Payton manning, others including my self are being used as scapegoats for a war we did not create, what I type is my ideas, what others do with em can and will only be on there own fault, or worse.

Though i know my home ip was located in Oslo, now more close to home, could be a reason for that, been thinking a lot about my live, few flashbacks also, and think there was a reason i never got to get more than a copper line instead of fast internet.

So here comes jane a john again "lets call em that" VILDT,,,, funny, again could be my imagination that are playing tricks on me, but hey it's good to have company, think I'M going call em my imaginary hosts. Kinda follows me around, like some kinda weird soap opera. but again removing earplugs will make em go bye bye.

Guess the idea is to freak out, saw a lot of that in the summer, activism voices where heard and so it should be, great idea come from stepping out of your comfort zone, and not Jane and John are @ it again. must be a great match since they are chatting all the time.

Other thing is removing the thing that will make you relax, if you like to swim take that and make it a sin, If you like to sleep make that imposable, and so on leave you in a constant state of numbness, so best idea is to do what you have always done. Dont do what others thing is best do what you like instead of pleasing others.

Eating a lot, but that is normal when you on the medication i am on, Could stop smoking, but allready did that, wont help. again back to removing all that will make you relax a little, simple but very efficient way of stalling time, saying that the world is divided, smokers and non smokers, but allready seen a lot that smoke so that theory is quite lost.

Could go out bench drinking, but already did that no luck, only a way to humiliate one self into a situation that can and will be used against you  ;). be down in a hole ain't to keen going back that would not be smart.

As stated before isolation would be torture for most, funny how others always want to make you sure "they" made you when you been sitting alone most of your, life kinda a paradox, well the same words again and again to make sure you the one that is wrong, but funny how interested most are in you progress, might be saying something,. . . if you where indeed nothing then why spend time trying to make you self-esteem go away or remove all in all.

Pretty sure that all this time is spend, trying to paint a picture of what someone else got in mind for the future, creating the perfect something i don´t know, using fear, and other threats if the best way of manipulating, like Winston Churchill said a nation in fear is easy to control could say the same on human control.

I should wake up, pretty sure i am awake, just again a chain to set other stuff in motion, like you need to stop something in order to wake up from you dream, great way of manipulating again. ill make a detailed list. and maybe put a mark on how many times that line is used.

All in All a away to make sure you not doing nothing at all, and that is the best way of creating insanity, making sure that you in a state of numbness, trying to figure out just how to walk or sit. creating a fake prison inside you own mind, using stress and telling you there is only one way, makes you think what way that is spend you time try to zone in on what that one way is. Treats and so on as I'M pretty sure money is the main factor in the pre-suit.  And also reverse psychology, as a main factor in it
I kinda understand why the last leader of anon became transvestite,
I always learned those that whisper lies, only hear the truth from kids and drunks.
Point of no return,

But ATM not bothering me that much, kinda just random noise in the background, again to make me feel like yea nothing, or just in a state of doing everything wrong, maybe they should get a life instead of telling others how to live there's . But hey i kinda know the next 6 moves, so like a chess game good to have the board layed out. Could try and go to court to make some kind of arrangement for the kids but my old town including others all ready made that imposable, will only set to humiliating court. again all ready foreseen that.

Everything to make it imposable for me to move on, while thinking its me tat is slowing down the progress, not like im txt every hour, was nice but got the impression that was bad, know a lost battle when i c one, and that one is lost before it ever happend, but it's a mixed effort in order to make me yea crash and burn. Seems kinda weird, a modern Romeo Juliet story set in a hamlet universe.

I had my mistakes never never said i was let's call it 110%  for the fun of it, But since someone is begging me for forgiveness, or should we say blessing ?. there must be something in the way.

But like a famous Danish singer said now the music is only for me, kinda know what that feels like now, weird but in a way also reactivating.Get this weird feeling I'm being shaped into some kind of super thing, well might just be me being paranoid ?, pretty sure there is a plot against me ;). but c a lot of supporters also so cant be all bad,

So far ive been told i got picked up like 1000000 times, seems like we are spinning around in a weird circle, think it's a pre recorded one, sometimes a direct one, though saw some weird in the TV, maby just my imagination playing tricks on me, though one day at a time. Pretty sure my old district wont like me to rise and shine,

Take away all that will relax you, maybe that's all the notes on me is to figure out just the right way make my comfort zone as little as it can be. Though talking in tongues is pretty up these days. Read the news world seems pretty happy, should no reason to sit and mourn about lost time.

Now waiting for the new year, should try and set a goal, mission of some kind, maybe get my ears checked, could be a good idea I think,
 Saw a duco about prison one.s, the inmates had a 67/68% higer rish of becoming insane if they did not take there daily walks, think the way is to do random stuff In the future.
 I remember when Ii where 30 year old, went on facebook and other social media, saw all the lies that was floating around, and went baliastic, my brother came to the house started to use a broom to clean the in trance, did not say anything almost like he know what was wrong. But again most information online are stored on local servers....

I took a walk outside today, saw a kid looking @ me like he seen a ghost or something, pretty weird though yea I saw something this summer a dark shade talking and a light shade covered in what seemed to be gold, what do I know. Maybe some kind indian drug mix or something, the doctor said they filled me up all kind of stuff before he ran like he also seen a ghost.

Maybe go on inter rail this summer ? ;)

Where the street has no name, I think I lived on that one.

Could get into the specifics, but that would I "think" break a lot of laws

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