Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Social engineering.


There is such a thing as knowing to much learned that the hard way, having the eye can be fun but also the worst you could possible get, think i've always had it. Found out when i was 30 years old, we all have our stuff to drag along as we go along this bouncy castle of life. up and down as some might know. Know for a fact that there is a war going on right now that few will or can talk about. Tried to explain but seems to get lost in the echo of all the noise going on. 

People changing there ideas and personality as the light goes from em. ive always been a rational person that looks from the logic point of view, but these days don't know, but one thing for sure that everything i eat, smoke drink watch is edited, trying to erase memory.

 Setting me up as a scapegoat was lets say unsuccessful, though still on medication only a small amount, pretty good from what i've been trough. A racor sharp screaming noise is going on as i write this. pretty sure more are also getting it. As far as i know the weather is weird, been for some time now, I was as must know i think in a rotten place, now it feels like more than one party is trying to get me to fall, music is edited video and so on. As i say total social engineering. 

Trying to figure out the plan of it all, just know that after i spend  months in solitude, things changed a lot, As my father says they are all hores in this, i did not cooperate with anyone or anything, just really wanted to be alone, but seems like that is no option anymore. Seems like just giving a rat about what is going on would be selfish.

Seen a lot in my life so far but this time seems to hit the record, most humans i encounter seems to have an alternative motive, then somehow i pull the light from em and they just sit and stare out in the air like the lost all sense of where they where going know i lost my boat somewhere along the way, an a nice nurse saying i would not lose anything but move to where i am now.

The flickinger from the street light is well how to put it annoying, and also the constant screaming in my ears, goes away with some music, but when that is altered also it's pretty clear to figure out whats going on. Trying to get one to fire up or slow down as also the instruments and colors.

More to come if i'm still here   

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